The AirDrop is over officially. Thanks to everyone who participated stayed active in our telegram group. If you did you seen the form pinned up on the day of airdrop confirming wallet address. RIPT Dev Team manually facilitated to thousands who got their tokens😉 RIPT SALE COMING

SPOTS STILL OPEN Welcome members follow and share the link, and enter in your wallet address on this form:

To speed up the start of our airdrop TODAY one could share this link to telegram here:

And the link to enter your wallet address on our form here: #airdrop #airdrop #bounty #free #Airdrop #telegram #RIPTIDECOIN #RIPT

To speed up the start of our airdrop TODAY one could share this link to airdrop here:

And the link telegram group to join:

OK try this! #RIPT community post here TWEET/RETWEET @FatBTC and ask them to list RIPT RiptideCoin and link it to our twitter … You can help RIPT get in the contest so please tweet @FatBTC exchange add Riptidecoin #RIPT


We do not just choose one or two coins, but each week we will select from the hottest ones from the vote and list them. So just go ahead and vote for your coin. Show the power of your community💪💪💪

STILL GOING! #airdrop here: and follow us for your chance to get some coins in your wallet! We will soon be announcing the UPCOMING dates for our 2nd ROUND ICO!! #RIPT #RIPTIDECOIN #airdrop #airdropalert #bounty #TokenSale #Announcement #eth #EtherDelta

Public service announcement from RIPT Dev: GO now and support ETHEREUM and the project that @VitalikButerin has gave us all to grow #show #support #buy #eth #hodl #ETH/RIPT #RiptideCoin #bestpriceever

🚨members section of the website went live 12hours ago. 58 pages of new members!…

For every retweet this tweet gets I will personally donate 5¢ to a mental health charity. Bell will also donate 5¢ to mental health initiatives which means 10¢ will be donated for every retweet this gets! #BellLetsTalk

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