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About Us

Understand how Riptide Coin and our software can make a breakthrough in MMJ trading.

It is a FinTech digital currency aimed at giving you all the keys to absolute control over your money.

Riptidecoin software and RIPT are community projects that started from within the Licensed Medical and Recreational Marijuana Industry back in 2016. The project, spearheaded by the P2P Organization was started out of necessity in lack of safe banking methods available to business owners and patients.

  • The RiptideCoin (RIPT) token is ERC20 standard.
  • Developed by RIPTSoft and volunteers in the community.
  • All code and GIT work is public for viewing.


Riptide System itself exist in the beta phase and the RiptideCoin is a proof of concept for a community currency token designed for use around the Medical Marijuana industry. Thus solving the financial problem that all legal state registered MMJ business have with the traditional banking system. This has caused a major problem we want you to help us fix. No other industry worth billions per year is without safe access to FDIC banking.

Smart contracts

When completely understood RiptideCoin would be viewed as one of Ethereum’s user-friendly adaptions.

Security for client and company

Used for safe exchange in high-risk occupations instead of cash.

P2P Exchange

The Coin itself can have multiparty uses including exchanging with others.

Trackable transaction history

The system is designed to provide accountable options for its transactions and could be traceable on programs like Quick Books bookkeeping software and others.

Increase community

With our active system, we can increase the number of satisfied customers and reduce payment bureaucracy.

Bank solution

Proposed for solving banking problems in a billion dollar industry which can in a general sense, make safer how people do business in high-risk occupations.

RIPT Initial Coin Offering

Riptide Coin

Token price:

0.10 = 1

Total supply:

95,000,000 RIPT



RIPT RiptideCoin is offered as a community currency for use in high-risk occupations instead of cash.

Distribution for remaining RIPT

  • Sale To Public 6,605,668 35
  • Medical Dispensaries 3,774,668 20
  • Founders 2,831,001 15
  • Dev Team Contributors 2,831,001 15
  • Business Partners 1,887,334 10
  • Bounty 943,667 5
  • Total existing coins to be allocated 19.87% or 18,873,339

95,000,000 RIPT total. 80% or 76,000,000 ript Pre-sale /Burn down.
0.13% or 126,661 ript currently in circulation.

Comparison Chart - Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations

Total Supply
Total Supply 19 Million 21 Million Uncapped 100 Billion
  Mkt Circulation
Mkt Circulation 126,661 16 Million 98 Million 39 Billion
  Current Mkt Cap
Current Mkt Cap $1,900,000 $120 Billion $38 Billion $19 Billion
  Transactions per second
Transactions per second 20 8-10 20 1,500
Scalability State Channels Lightning Network and SegWit State Channels Trusted Validators and Interledger Protocol
  Consensus Mechanism
Consensus Mechanism POW POW POW RTXP
Encryption ETHash SHA-256 ETHash SHA-256
  51% Attack Proof
51% Attack Proof
  DDoS Attack Resistant
DDoS Attack Resistant
DApps In Production
  DApps Languages
DApps Languages Solidity/JSON None Solidity None
  DEX Support
DEX Support
  ICO Support
ICO Support
  Instant Messaging
Instant Messaging

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  • January 2016
    Conception private development of ruff/beta RIPT software app.
  • January 2017
    Private fundraising with partners in the medical marijuana industry.
  • March 2017
    Created asset on WAVES blockchain named "riptide1.0" intended for eraly fundraising (Not exchangeable with RIPT Riptidecoin).
  • August 2017
    Creation of riptide coin on the Ethereum ETH blockchain giving RIPT the versatility safety and speed it needed.
  • September 2017
    The launch of and white paper available online.
  • September 9 2017
    Launched "riptidecoin" RIPT on the Ethereum network registered.
  • September 24 2017
    Seven-day pre-sale contract went public with the descending bonuses every 24 hours starting at 75% bonus.
  • October 1ST - 31ST 2017
    Main ICO.
  • October 2017
    Partnered with ImToken to create a free mobile android wallet for users. Partnered with Prowallet to create a free mobile Wallet for IOS users.
  • November 1ST 2017
    Officially listed on exchange.
  • December 2017
    The private beta for developing riptide software. Dev team began work on the platform for a future marketplace for RiptideCoin and Alt-coins.
  • January 2018
    Added price charts and live tracking to cryptocompare index and the world coin index. AirDrop of over 16.000ript to 3.500 lucky participants.
  • April 20 2018
    Start sales of Riptide Coin
  • June 3 2018
    End at Riptide Coin sales
  • October 1 2018
    Begin the D-app development process for the completed Riptide software.
  • November 2018
    The launch of marketplace for selling your stuff to friends around the world for RIPT, ETH and altcoins.
Riptidecoin ICO Final Public Sale!

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to clarify the Riptide Coin project to the maximum, our team is at your disposal to assist you.

Our Team

Meet our team that is working behind Riptide Coin.

James Seguine


Thomas Nsikakabasi

Software Engineer

Jeffrey D. Sutton

Lead Developer

Felipe Aquino

Web Developer

Rellan Gamayo

Lead Moderator

Brett Scholer

Analyst, Development Security


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